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  • Beyond the closed system with Omeka and DPLA 

    Ng, Wen Nie (2019-06-22)
  • Environmental Scan of Distributed Digital Preservation Services: A Collective Case Study 

    Hall, Nathan; Boock, Michael (International Conference on Digital Preservation, 2017-09-25)
    This paper uses a collective case study to reveal similarities and differences in the operations and service models of nine distributed digital preservation services. The study uncovers a wide range of organizations and ...
  • Creating a More Inclusive Future for Scholarly Communications 

    Hall, Nathan; Maron, Nancy; Kennison, Rebecca; Shorish, Yasmeen; Malenfant, Kara (Electronic Publishing Conference, 2019-06-11)
    This paper reports findings from a study commissioned by the Association of College & Research Libraries to identify a new research agenda for scholarly communications and the research environment. The final report provides ...
  • Creating the ACRL research agenda for scholarly communication: A move towards more equitable, open systems 

    Hall, Nathan; Shorish, Yasmeen (College & Research Libraries News, 2019-09-09)
    ACRL considers the transition to more open and equitable systems of scholarship to be a core part of its Plan for Excellence. To meet this ambitious goal, the association’s Research and Scholarly Environment Committee ...
  • The ETD Lens on the IR and the University 

    McMillan, Gail (Highwire Press, 2019)
    Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETDs) form the foundation of many institutional repositories (IR), and ETDs can provide an important lens on how the IR represents the work that is being done university-wide. To test ...
  • Supporting Virtual Reality and 3D in Academic Libraries: Defining Preservation and Curation Challenges 

    Hall, Nathan; Lischer-Katz, Zack; Cook, Matt; Hardesty, Juliet; Wittenberg, Jamie; Johnson, Jennifer; Mcdonald, Robert; Carlisle, Tara (International Conference on Digital Preservation, 2019-09-16)
    Academic libraries are increasingly adopting virtual reality (VR) technologies for a variety of research and teaching purposes, yet there is a lack of clear guidance in the community on how to manage these technologies in ...
  • Challenges and Strategies for Educational Virtual Reality: Results of an Expert-led Forum on 3D/VR Technologies Across Academic Institutions 

    Hall, Nathan; Lischer-Katz, Zack; Cook, Matt; Hardesty, Juliet; Johnson, Jennifer; McDonald, Robert; Carlisle, Tara (Information Technology and Libraries, 2019-12-16)
    Virtual reality (VR) is a rich visualization and analytic platform that furthers the library’s mission of providing access to all forms of information and supporting pedagogy and scholarship across disciplines. Academic ...
  • Challenges and Directions in 3D and VR DataCuration: Findings from a Nominal Group Study 

    Hall, Nathan; Hardesty, Juliet; Lischer-Katz, Zack; Johnson, Jennifer; Cook, Matt; Ogier, Andrea; McDonald, Robert (International Journal of Data Curation, 2019-09-12)
    This study identifies challenges and promising directions in the curation of 3D data. 3D visualization shows great promise for a range of scholarly fields through interactive engagement with and analysis of spatially complex ...
  • Web Archiving and Digital Libraries 

    Xie, Zhiwu; Klein, Martin; Fox, Edward A. (ACM, 2020-08)
    This workshop will explore integration of Web archiving and digital libraries and cover all stages of its complete life cycle, including creation/authoring, uploading/publishing, crawling, indexing, exploration, and ...
  • The Case For Alternative Web Archival Formats To Expedite The Data-To-Insight Cycle 

    Wang, Xinyue; Xie, Zhiwu (ACM, 2020-08)
    The WARC file format is widely used by web archives to preserve collected web content for future use. With the rapid growth of web archives and the increasing interest to reuse these archives as big data sources for ...
  • Potential Strategies for Preserving Complex DH Projects 

    Kinnaman, Alex; Guimont, Corinne (2020-05-18)
    Digital Humanities (DH) projects are often complex and pose a challenge for digital preservation. Best practices and standard techniques for preserving combinations of databases, user interfaces, and documentation does not ...
  • One Workshop, Many Locations: Meeting the Needs of Both On-Campus and Distance Students 

    Becksford, Lisa (2020-03-16)
    The diverse needs of graduate students can be difficult to gauge, and even when their needs are known, it can be difficult to develop programming that meets the needs of graduate students across disciplines and program ...
  • Imagine, Spring/Summer 2020 

    Brown, Ann; Finney, Trevor; McVoy, Liz; Molinos, Chloe; Puckett, Elise Monsour; Becksford, Lisa; Kohler, Ellie; Trout, Sophia (Virginia Tech University Libraries, 2020)
    In this magazine, you will find stories about our outstanding students, faculty, and staff and how expertise in the library helps advance Virginia Tech research.
  • Scholarly Communication and Open Access for the SPIA Colloquium 

    McMillan, Gail (Virginia Tech, 2020-04-21)
    April 21, 2020, presentation to the VT SPIA Colloquium about Scholarly Communication (e.g., the life cycle of information) and Open Access. Also presenting was Nathaniel Porter who shared information about social science ...
  • 14th Annual VT Authors Recognition Event: 2018 Publications 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech University Libraries, 2019-03-21)
    This booklet contains a program schedule for the 2019 VT Authors recognition event, along with a list of Virginia Tech 2018 publications, organized alphabetically by department.
  • 13th Annual VT Authors Recognition Event: 2017 Publications 

    Unknown author (Virginia Tech University Libraries, 2018-03-21)
    This booklet for the 2018 VT Authors recognition event lists authors of books published in 2017, as well as authors of articles published through the University Libraries' Open Access Subvention Fund.
  • Assessing Strontium and Vulnerability to Strontium in Private Drinking Water Systems in Virginia 

    Scott, Veronica; Juran, Luke; Ling, Erin J.; Benham, Brian; Spiller, Asa (MDPI, 2020-04-08)
    A total of 1.7 million Virginians rely on private drinking water (PDW) systems and 1.3 million of those people do not know their water quality. Because most Virginians who use PDW do not know the quality of that water and ...
  • A Systematic Review of Coastal Vulnerability Mapping 

    Bukvic, Anamaria; Rohat, Guillaume; Apotsos, Alex; de Sherbinin, Alex (MDPI, 2020-04-02)
    Coastal areas worldwide represent an aggregation of population and assets of growing economic, geopolitical, and sociocultural significance, yet their functions are increasingly challenged by worsening coastal hazards. ...
  • Scholarly Communication and Open Access for GRAD 5204 

    McMillan, Gail (Virginia Tech, 2020-04-14)
    This is a presentation providing information about scholarly communication and open access for GRAD 5204 Citizen Scholar Seminar. Also presenting were Jonathan Petters and Karen DePauw at this Zoom class on April 14, 2020.
  • Read Out Loud: Escaping the Nazis 

    Nichols, Bradley J.; Wright de Hernandez, Anthony; Corral, Ana (Virginia Tech. University Libraries, 2020-04-06)
    Reading Out Loud: Escaping the Nazis features readings from Ruth Wolman’s Crossing Over: An Oral History of Refugees from Hitler’s Reich and Michael Dobbs’ The Unwanted: America, Auschwitz and a Village Caught In Between. ...

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